Apr 16

A chinese developer created handwriting recognition software, for latin and chinese characters.
The app is called HWPen and it gives you a writing area instead of the default keyboard.

The version is still beta 1.0 but it kinda works, i personally still prefer the keyboard, but some of you will prefer this solution.

Some downsides…

The recognition doesn’t work in the mail-app and in landscape mode, but as this is still beta.. i’m pretty sure that the next versions will solve these little problems.

Let’s install the app and have a look shall we …

1) you can find the app in the 2nd category of iPhone Cake. Make sure you restart you iPhone or iPod afterwards !!

2) Let’s take any app (except for mail) where you can write. Let’s open a sms message. To activate hwpen, press the button on the right.

3) In the new window you’ll see that the default input is set on chinese and that you’ll only be able to write special characters.

4) To activate the full txt input screen, press on the little arrow on the left, and a full page will open.

The only word i was able to write is cool :)
But with some or a lot of practice, i’m sure some of you will be masters in using this little app.


This big app is available in the Installer.app through the iPhoneCake (new) packaging source, see our sources page.


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One Response to “Handwriting on your iPhone/iPod ?? HWPen 1.0 is here …”

  1. Y_to_da_E Says:

    hey homy,

    no one need this HWPen!!!
    until i can write a message on my iphone with this app i am 2 years older!!!
    its funny but it is only a fun function on the iphone!!!


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