Apr 15

This just got in.

There’s a new app released, it’s called Fring, and it let’s you use Skype, Sip, msn, twitter and icq over your wi-fi or EDGE connection. (no calls on edge . . yet )

Now this is a truly killer app!!

It’s a little buggy sometimes, but it’s ok.
I’ve tested the chat function and off course the skype dial function.

And that my friends actually works great.

but let me go on to the how to..


1) Install the app from the Fring category.

2) Let’s run the app.

3) If you have an account, log in, if not press register. (this can take a very long time !!)

4) Tap on fring test call, to check if it works. (you will be given an option to speak and then listen to what you have said )

5) Now that we know that it works, let’s add our Skype account. Tap on the communities button.
chose skype, and fill in your login and pass. (it can take quite some time !! )

6) Now you’re all set to call and be called via your internet connection. (Edge or WI-Fi). To initiate a chat or a call, just tap the name of the person. (I removed the names of the people so you can’t call them :) )

7) If you have skype-out minutes or if you have a SIP connection around, you can use the Dialer.

8) If you have buddy’s that are using fring, you can simply add them by going to the +add budy screen.

Oh one more thing, normally when you click the home button your app gets terminated, but with this app, it keeps running in the background untill you click on Exit.
Now that’s nice ..

I really recommend this little app and although it’s still in beta, it does work really well, the only problem i have seen so far, is the time it takes to login and logout on the communities and the fring system itself.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Fring packaging source, see our sources page.


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4 Responses to “Skype and instant messaging combined on your iPhone with Fring”

  1. benny Says:

    Just tested, works great !!

  2. gamezz Says:

    i registered but the test call doesnt work?? any suggestions??

  3. Multinova Says:


    It’s possible that the server is overloaded. Are you signed in?

  4. erinc Says:

    Is there a way to call skype contacts that are not associated with phone numbers, I can’t see any skype contacts like that in my buddy list. I don’t have a skype out, I just want to call friends from phone, when they are online on skype.

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