Apr 14

I haven’t been really active with Posting on IphoneFreakz the last couple of days.

But this has very good reasons. I configured and installed the new server, migrated the website and speed-optimized the website.

I’m still fine-tuning some settings, but the speeds look good so far.

I know i have a lot of visitors from around the world, and i would like to know if you think the speed is satisfying or not.

Please post a comment, so that i know if i have to improve or if i can get some sleep now :)

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6 Responses to “Improved speeds”

  1. Y_to_da_E Says:

    hey homy,

    the speed is so far so good!
    good work!
    go on with posting of new shi*!
    if you want or need help with new stuff, just holla @ me!!!

  2. Mario Says:


    the speed is OK.

    Bye for now and I like your website !


  3. Multinova Says:

    Y_to_da_E, you’re always welcome to write something for iPhoneFreakz

  4. Ht Says:

    Good to go bro!

  5. Dov3 Says:

    The speed is great.. for me that is anyhooo…
    Keep up the good work :)


  6. Y_to_da_E Says:

    @ Multinova

    can you contact me please via mail, i want to ask something about new iphones!

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