Apr 13

Eric Degrange released yet another update of his very popular Ringtones app today.
So what’s new ?

Well a very nice feature … (except for a little problem)

You can now set any song without converting directly as your tone.

(little problem)= However .. the little problem I’m referring to, is .. when you use this new feature, it’s not possible to make your phone silent and vibrate…

Eric has put the warning EXPERIMENTAL on his blog.

So for this reason, i suggest to wait a little longer untill Eric has solved this little issue.

I’ve already posted some information about ringtones, go see my previous posts about ringtones here for 2.73 and here for 2.71and herefor version 2.74.

Here are some updated screens.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Danstaface packaging source, see our sources page.

Update: 2.83

2.83 fixes some permission errors.

Update: 2.84

Eric has made the app really working, no bugs found in this version :)

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  1. Margaret Cullen Says:

    I cannot find where to download files from on this site I keep returning to 1st page plz help

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