Apr 09

I’ve been searching for a way to get my notes into my Outlook.
This is still not possible (but i know some are working on it), but in the meantime, we can use Remote Note to manage our notes from any pc.

The principle is simple. the app starts a web-server on your iPhone with a tinymce editor pre configured.

The app let’s you edit and delete your notes.
The app also has an option to download your notes database for later restore.

1) Let’s install the app, you can find it under utilities.

2) Before you start the app, first activate your wireless !! Now let’s start the app. Remote Note will show you the http address that you will need to type into your browser.

3) Open your favorite browser (internet exploder, firefox or safari or …) and navigate to the address you see on your screen.
In your webpage, you will have the option to modify, save or delete your notes. for now the developer hasn’t added support for creating new notes yet, but maybe he will add this in a later stadium.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the BigBoss packaging source, see our sources page.

That’s it :)



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3 Responses to “Manage your iPhone Notes with Remote Note v.1.0.0”

  1. greg Says:

    what is the username and password?

  2. helper Says:

    Just put what ever user name you want in your RemoteNote first, then when you go to the web it will ask you the same thing and you enter the same thing in ther.

  3. Robert Says:

    Since I upgraded tot 2.2.1 I got a new installer with hardly any sources.
    Can you tell me what repository I shoud use for this app?

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