Apr 09

This game reminds me of the old days when i was young, just kidding, I’m still young :)
No but it does remind me of the huge arcades where i was when i was 16.

I remember some wednesday afternoons, when me and my friends went to the arcade to play some flipper and off course air hockey.

The air hockey game is actually a lot of fun to play.

You just start the game and try to get the puck in the other hole.
The game is sometimes less responsive (as you’re playing with your finger), but it’s still highly playable.
The game has also the option to play with 2 people, not in network mode, but on the same screen.


This is one of those little games that will stay on my iPhone for quite some time.

The app is available in the iSpaZio Dev category and has been made compatible with all current firmwares.

1) Let’s install the little app.

2) Let’s start the app and play.
There are 2 things that i noticed with this little game:
1: Sometimes it can’t follow the speed of my finger :)
2: When you play solo, it’s a little bit too easy.

The game is simple but fun. It can keep you busy when you have some time to spare or are waiting for an appointment at the doctors office (for example)

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the iSpaZio Devs packaging source, see our sources page


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