Apr 08

For the people who don’t know what iPSW is.

I’ll explain. IPSW is are the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware update files.

You can use these to restore or update your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now what is the iPSW builder tool?

The iPhone Dev team has been working on a way to truly make the iPhone/iPod touch lockfree they have accomplished this via the Pwnage tool see this and this previous post.

Now with the iPSW builder tool, we will be able to preload your favorite applications (only openssh, international fix, cydia and bsd subsystem for now), choose your own boot logo, and choose your boot loader version (3.9 or 4.6), activate your phone and unlock it.

The soft is still in a beta stage but when it will be released, it will be a blessing.

Here are some pics.

That’s it for now, i’ll keep you posted.


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