Apr 07

The guy from DataBinge that has brought us our favorite backup solution TimeCapsule is back with WildEyes for safari.

The program let’s you view all sorts of documents right in your Safari.
The app is usefull for viewing pdf, doc, docx, xls, slsx, txt files, images, html, htm, aif, mp3, m4v, mp4 and aac files !

I think most business people really needed an app like this!
Now this is a program that i was missing on my iPhone.

Let’s have a look at version 0.08b1


to install the app, you’ll need to install some other apps first.

1) The BSD Subsystem that everybody already has.

2) the Lighttpd daemon can be found under the network category in your installer.

Now that we have the 2 prerequisites installed, let’s go to the app itself.

3) Wildeyes is available in the Utilities category in installer.

4) Now the app is installed. First reboot your system !!

5) The main browsing directory is /private/var/mobile/Sites, but you can launch any supported files in your iPhone/iPod HOME directory.
To upload files to your iPhone, see my upload & download tutorial.

6) The app simply works by opening the folder with your files, and then double-tap the file you want to see in Safari. I’ll open an xls and a ms word file, to show you.

It’s just that easy, upload or download (if you have the download plugin for safari) your files from the web and view your files anytime anyplace.

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Databinge packaging source, see our sources page.


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34 Responses to “View your documents (pdf,xls,doc,txt,etc) on your iPhone iPod with WildEyes”

  1. hc Says:

    I am the author of TimeCapsule and WildEyes! Thank you for writing a tutorial on installing LightTPD before WildEyes! I have added a link to your tutorial at my site

    btw, I am working alone, not a team :p

  2. Multinova Says:

    Hi Hc,

    Nice work with both apps !
    If you ever need betatesters, let me know :)

  3. AL Says:

    MULTINOVA, you mention above if you have the download plugin? where can i download the plugin from? so that when I browse any site with links to these .xls files, i can view them.


  4. Multinova Says:


    You can find the plugin under the iClarified source (see our source list) and the app is called

    Safar download plugin.

  5. Pablo Says:

    i downaload this program, and it does open my files, but when i try to open them again i get at the safari screen this 2 boxes one says download and the other change filename, and i use both options and still does not read my files the only way to open them again is to re-start my iphone, do you know what can i do about that???

  6. Multinova Says:

    It’s probably a caching issue. can you tell me what version you are running?

  7. iphonebrat Says:

    how to you add .txt files on the iphone and view it without safari?

  8. Pablo Says:

    im running 1.1.3 firmware and wildeyes 0.1ob1 (i think thats the only wildeyes version)

  9. Multinova Says:

    Hi Pablo,

    I just checked the installer and it seems that version 0.11b1 has been released. Try to upgrade and see if it adresses your problem.
    IF not, come back to me and i’ll investigate it .

  10. Pablo Says:

    i just download the 0.11b1 version and still does not work, do you think is the firmware?? or probably the foldier i put the files on???

  11. Pablo Says:

    and i just noticed that this glitch only happens when i try to read .pdf, with the other files works perfectly…

  12. Multinova Says:


    I just verified with the developer, and your firmware is not the issue. WildEyes should run on all firmwares.
    I’ve checked with the developer, but the box you see, download or rename ? That seems to be the safari download plugin that is interfering or most probably if you don’t have that plugin. It’s the Lighttpd daemon, try removed both and reinstalling them.

  13. Pablo Says:

    It worked, thanks man….

  14. Multinova Says:

    No problem :)

  15. Pablo Says:

    well, sorry to bother you again, but it seems that the glitch still there, i dont know, it worked fine yesterday but suddenly the same problem happened or i get a post that says 404 not found…im sorry to bother you but im a med-student and thats a really important tool for me when im at the hospital and fixing that problem would mean a lot to me….Thank you for your patience….

  16. Multinova Says:


    This seems to be a problem with the Lighttpd server, it seems like it stops working after you used it once.
    Can you check you have the latest version of the deamon?
    I would suggest removing the app, and reinstalling it.

    Try to install it via Cydia this time and not from Installer.
    Cydia is also a package manager like installer, but it works better with permissions and such.

    Let me know the outcome :)

  17. Pablo Says:

    Same…i just download cydia, unnnistall lighttpd and re-installed, and still the same…

  18. Pablo Says:

    i have the lighttpd 1.4.17-2

  19. Sulong Says:

    My problem is exactly like Pablo’s.

  20. alfatje Says:


    I tryed to install the lighttpd app but it crashes and tells me ‘main script execution failed’. Any suggestions?

  21. Multinova Says:

    Sulon, Pablo,
    I’ve contacted the devloper but i haven’t received any upadate yet. As soon as i receive one, i’ll let you kow.

    Can you still install other app’s or do you have this with all apps?

  22. alfatje Says:

    I’ve had it before, but I still can install other apps. For example: when I tried installing iBirthday (at your home), I also had a ‘main script execution failure’, but when I rebooted, I found the icon on my springboard and it works… Strange things…

  23. Multinova Says:

    Alfatje, with the moving of your app’s it could be that you have some kind of permission problem.
    To fix this you may need to connect to your iPhone via SSH and run the following commands:
    chmod +s Installer.app/Installer
    chown -R root:wheel Installer.app
    Pm me on the forum and i’ll give my msn, so i can teach you how to.

  24. alfatje Says:

    Thanks for your help. What do you mean by “pm”?
    You can mail me at: ‘nam’ ‘at’ gmail


  25. alfatje Says:

    should be alfatje ‘at’ gmail

  26. Ng_lee Says:

    Hi author, I follow the structuon and installed needed apps to install the wildeyes.; however, my wildeyes version is 0.12b1. It’s so well, but when I try do select a file to be open there’s always a message 404 (something like that) is not found. So any solution to fix this issue?


  27. Ng_lee Says:

    Thanks for the upgrade wildeues 0.14. It oqoeks so good.I can view all my excel, word, pictures. Thanks again to the developer.however, I can’t view my PDF file instead I’m asked to save the file. Any idea to solve this issue? I would like to view the PDF file too. Please help me put. How bout to make wildeyes be able to edit excel and word document? That would be wonderful. Thanks and please help me how to view the PDF ?

  28. magnificentman Says:


    great aps here,
    just wondering if there is any application to view larger pdf files?
    safari cant open large pdf say 30mb or more..


  29. Multinova Says:

    Hi magnificent ..

    you can try PDFViewer, it’s in the BigBoss repo.
    You should place your pdf’s in /var/root/Media/PDF


  30. magnificentman Says:


    thx for ur prompt reply!
    i actually have pdfviewer already,
    just tat it appears blank when it is launched.
    i am transferring my files thru your USB method, total commander cant seem to navigate to the root folder..

    any way around this?


  31. avraham Says:

    si vous pouver m”envoyer le betatesers

  32. Shadow Says:

    I finally found the reason why this “404 not found” was displayed (at least in my case).

    When installing, the webserver default directory “Sites” is in the /var/root/ path, where as wildeyes creates a “Sites” directory, but under the /var/mobile/ path !!
    so you have to connect to your phone, edit the webserver configuration file “/usr/local/etc/lighttpd.conf” and change the default webserver path.

    Hope this will help !

    PS. I found interesting info at http://blog.psmxy.org/pkg-info/lighttpd/

  33. regissk Says:

    many thanks for Shadow. The instructions really works. I reinstall lighttpd, then i edit the configuration file as Shadow advice, and it worked! Good luck

  34. regissk Says:


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