Apr 07

This isn’t the most recent news, but i wanted to post it just for reference.

In a few months the locoGPS will be received, so what’s so special about this GPS??

First of all, the locogps is not an application that you will need to install on your iPhone or iPod touch.

The locogps is actually a hardware dongle with wi-fi that has a webserver running on it.
To run the app, you will need to browse to a page with safari.

Personally i don’t think this will work very well as you will probably have too much delay for fast navigation, but as i haven’t received a testing unit yet, i can’t really be sure.

I also have some questions about sound?? Will it be streamed? Will you need to cache some files on your iPod Touch, iPhone?

What’s also very handy about this solution, is that you can use it on different platforms, anything that will have a decent mobile browser, will be able to use the LOCOGPS from Gomite.

Anyway, for now i’ll give you some movies so you can understand what i’m garbling about :)

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