Apr 05

Ever wanted to see Brugges (my hometown) in 360 panorama view?

Well it’s your day, cause you can! :)

Marco Giorgini just released CubeWorld v 0.56 via the iSpazio Dev’s repo.

This nifty little program let’s you see some panoramas in full 3d view, meaning you can go up, down, and see 360 degrees around you.

First you need to install the app, and afterwards you install the panorama.

Let’s go.

1) Install the application from the iSpazio Devs.

2) Let’s install the panorama’s from the 3D Panorama category.

3) Let’s run the app and have a look at the options and the info page.

The following options are available.

Visual Mode: change to portrait mode

Gesture handling: Hard drag mode, reverse touch, rotating speed and zooming speed.

Accelerometer: Activate for Left-Right and Up and Down. Speed.

Fun stuff: Inertia, Intertia speed, Initial auto-panning and the panning speed.

3) I can’t show you any pics of the app working, as it just didn’t load the panorama’s correctly for me.

I’ve verified the directory where the files should be:
eg: /private/var/root/Media/CubeWorld/brugges
and the pics + xml are in there.

For howto upload + download files on your iPhone or iPod touch, go here .

However the app itself didn’t show me any panoramas.

I will mail the developer to see what could be wrong.


This little app is available in the Installer.app through the iSpazio Devs packaging source, see our sources page.


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