Apr 03

A warning to start with.


It works however it has 1 BIG BIG BUG.

The moment you have installed the app, you no longer get any sms notification, no sound and no popup on your screen!!!

That’s why IphoneFreakz will not review this version.

As this version is already obsolete anyway i won’t adjust it fully.

I’ll try to post a review tonight of version 0.40+.

End here :)

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3 Responses to “Pysl (Protect your secret life) v0.32”

  1. Philo Says:

    i believe your info may be wrong you just need to make sure sms privacy is set to off in settings sms sounds for non blacklisted numbers/contacts work as usual.

  2. Multinova Says:


    You are correct, but as they have released version 0.40 this post is obsolete.

    I’m preparing a review of v0.40 and will try to post it tonight.

  3. qnc Says:

    Thanks for this info. I the same problem with version 0.40b. I deleted it and restarted my phone and everything is ok. too bad this happened program looked like a winner.

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