Apr 02

Zodttd released a new version of the psx4iphone emulator v0.2.0.

What’s new?

Zodttd added support for firmwares 1.1.3 and 1.1.4
He compiled it with saurik’s new toolchain. (speed improvement)
Fixed the detection of where frameskipping can be used during certain frames within a game.
Improved the dynamic recompiler code.
Moved the bios location to /var/mobile or root depending on the firmware/Media/ROMs/PSX/

I must say, that there is indeed a speed improvment but it’s nowhere near as complete as Genesis4iPhone but he’s improving very fast.

I guess the app will be fully playable in some releases.

Nice work Zodttd :)

I’ll show you the screens of the app for now, but the big review will be putt off untill it arrives on v1.0.0 or higher.

1) To install go to the games section in your installer. And chose the ZODTTD version 0.2.0 to install.

2) Before you can run the app, make sure you have the bios.
You can find it here.
Make sure you copy the bios file to /var/(mobile or root depending on firmware)/Media/ROMs/PSX/

In most cases you will need to add the directory’s ROMs and PSX.

After you have done this, upload a ROM to that directory.
Roms can be found here or here.

Please make sure you own the original games !!!!

Upload the roms + the bios via WinSCP or FUGU for mac.

For a howto upload + download files on your iPhone or iPod touch, go here .

3) After you have done all these steps. Let’s have a look at the emulator itself.
When you fist boot the app, you will see a donation request.(please do as ZODTTD is working day and night to get these emu’s working for us). You have some options (i will go deeper into this in the full review)
I took Final Fantasy VIII as an example, too bad i didn’t get it running yet !


Final Fantasy VII ran better, almost at full speed, but i still recommend waiting for the next release.

Like i told in the beginning, the emu is not fully operational, but the brave souls can always give it a go :)

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the ZODTTD packaging source, see our sources page.


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  2. Rory Says:

    Grr I’m still stuck because I can’t get a source to work !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rory Says:

    Al I need is a psx source


  4. qivenlee Says:

    hi, i want to ask about psx4iphone for iphone 3.1.2..
    i download psx4iphone 2.0.1 in my pc and installed it on my iphone…and i also put the bios file scph1001.bin in ROMs folder and change the permission into 0755
    i put my psx ROMs games in ROMs folder with format in .bin file
    i can open psx4iphone..but when i try to open the game ( not only 1 game, but all of it), it closes immediately to springboard..
    please help me..thanks for your advice. :)

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