Mar 30

It’s time for a game review again.
Let’s have a look at Genesis4iPhone 1.0.1

Genesis4iPhone is one of the newest emulators available.

In mho it’s just fantastic.
This is one of the best emu’s available for now.

The guys of have done an excellent job once again.

In this version you can play horizontally and vertically, i prefer the vertical layout as it’ easier to see your playfield.

There’s still 1 small problem, and that’s the sound. If you activate it via the options, most of your games will run slow and the sound is garbled.

However the games are perfectly playable without sound!

Let me explain via screens.

1) Install the application.
Do install the version from ZODTTTD as that one is alway the most recent.

2) After installation you need to install a rom onto your iPhone.
You can do this via WinSCP on windoze or FUGU on mac.

For a howto upload + download files on your iPhone or iPod touch, go here .

For now, please create the directory’s ROMs and GENESIS (they are case-sensitive!)
in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GENESIS.
You can find a lot of roms for on this site.

3) Let’s launch the app and have a look at the options. The options let you choose Transparency, landscape view and mute sound(recommended to leave it ON or your game will be very slugish).
The advanced options let you choose the skipping of frames, the options to delete roms, the skin and enable the scaling.

4) Let’s play a game by tapping one of the roms. After you have chosen your game, it will load, this takes some time, so be patient.

5) If you like you can go to the options and activate the landscape view. Personally i don’t like to play like that as my fingers will block half of the playscreen, but this is up to you :)

This little app is available in the through the ZODTTD packaging source, see our sources page.

That’s it for now :)

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10 Responses to “Sega Genesis games on iPhone.”

  1. Freakygirl Says:

    One word, “COOL”
    I played it on my iphone!! and its super!!

  2. Marius Says:

    Now you can load the emulators and roms through Installer! Add to the sources and have fun!


  3. brandon Says:

    dude your source doesn’t work. Is it spam or something?

  4. Multinova Says:

    My source page does work, please check again

  5. Multinova Says:

    And no i have no spam on my site, only advertisements, i do have to make a living :)

  6. sauce Says:

    Your source farted on my iPhone!

  7. chuck brewster Says:

    i go to installer for the genesis4iphone1.0.1, i try to download and it gives me a error message saying go the for more info???? any thoughts , im using the 3g w/ latest firmware 2.1 i have also noticed in cydia that games from zodttd are only NES,PSX,GBA and a few others but not sega or regular gameboy? Do you think that its the firmware version im using that they just havent updated the EMUs yet?

  8. Lucky Says: .. All the games u need or most. Make sure the “L” is capitolised in “Locker”

    Put this as a new source in cydia

    Roms for nintendo GBA (game boy advance) and Sega. All in cydia for download. No need for laptop or computer. Wifi loads them faster but u can do it on edge. But be prepared to wait a while to load some of them.

  9. Llll Says:

    Time for some Streets of Rage II

  10. Chris Says:

    So I downloaded the genesis4iphone app but every time I open the app it sends me straight to a google ad…. what am I doing wrong?

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