Mar 30

I haven’t been able to post much as i have been busy with the creation of some SMS tones for the iPhone.

Some days ago friend came by and was complaining about the availability of sms-tones for the iPhone.
I promised him i would start working on it.
And now i can say i finaly figured it out.

The first demo is some star wars droid sound :) It does sound kinda nice. :)

You can download the DROID iPhone SMS tone, by adding to your Installer.
To preview it or use as a ringtone, just download it here.

As i know there’s a lot of demand for customer SMS tones, i will add the first 20 (maybee more, depends on my time) sms tones i receive from my readers to my repository.

Just leave a comment or mail me on multinova at domain above, preferably with the tone you want to see inserted into the repository.


Ps: I’ve added the tone Clogged to the repository. Preview it here.

Pps: I’ve added the tone from CTU (24 television series) to the repository. Preview it here.

Ppps: I’ve added the original Tritone SMS sound, cause Jamendo Ringtones kind of makes it impossible to restore to your original one.

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30 Responses to “Custom iPhone SMS tones. (updated 31/3)”

  1. Agim Says:

    Hi, i want to install the original Tritone SMS sound to my iphone. How can i delete the previous mod so i can install it from installer?

  2. Multinova Says:

    If you instaled it from my source, you can uninstall it via the installer.

    If you have another mod installed not from my repo, you can just install mine and it will overwrite your latest sms tone.



  3. elnekis Says:

    Excellent repo man!

    Tnx for the SMS tones!

  4. Multinova Says:

    Thanks :)

  5. Rajesh Says:

    Hi Multinova ,
    great work in general … really helps us dudders all over ,

    My question is : If I have my own sms tone , how can I transfer it to my iphone ? ?



  6. Multinova Says:

    Hi Rajesh,
    the easies way is to sync it to your music with itunes and then use Ringtones ( repo) to set it.

  7. Sam Says:

    The link below is not working anymore:

  8. bennyvd Says:

    It should work from now on, cheers

  9. Rajesh Says:

    Hey again , many thanks yr answer but having a slight problem .
    Did what u suggested BUT using Ringtones fastens the speed of the sound , making it illegible – any solutions

  10. Andy Says:

    hi, thanks for the various options & benifits we can just take in, one more question: i did the test yesterday, try to bring iphone original tone back just uninstall your sms tone set through installer, but after that, new sms become just silent, no alert no sounds at all.

    How can I solve this problem? thanks

  11. evan Says:

    hey, anyone know if theres anyway (jailbroke or not) to assign a specific tone to a contact for a text message? i have looked around and cant find anything. i just want to be able to tell who is texting me by the tone. plz help!

  12. Beau Says:

    How’s about the Joker quote ‘Let’s put a smile on that face!’ from the Dark Knight?

  13. Saima Says:

    Hi, just recently my iphone message stopped working. The tone is On in the sound setting and everything else seems to be working, ie ring tone. Also i dont know if a message has come true unless i go onto the home display of my iphone, the message display does not show anymore. Would you know anything about that?

  14. FreakyFlor Says:

    That would be awesome!

    Can you also plz add the pisswasser ad from GTA IV (mp3. = )


    Ps.Does it work with 2.0???(installer 6)

  15. purplemoon Says:

    how do i install your repo?

  16. Juliasheppard Says:

    Does this software for customising SMS alerts invalidate the iPhones warranty? Thnx

  17. Emma Says:


    I was using the CTU tone for ages and just upgraded my firmware and of course everything is now wiped. I can’t seem to download this anymore – is it still there?

    Thanks guys!!

    Emma :)

  18. Tara Says:

    I’m new so excuse me. Where is my installer and how do I add the web address to it? Does my phone have to be jailbroken?

  19. andy Says:

    could you please tell me where i can get the app installer because i would like to change my sms tone!
    many thanks

  20. Mikey Says:

    ok, so has anyone made the droid tone sms alert but instead of saying the “droooooooid” to maybe say “iPhoooone”

  21. Ronda Says:

    Ok I want personal ringtones for my contacts in my SMS also. Why can’t the ringtones just carryover from my contact list. And the ringtones as well. We pay for them so I think it’s only fair. Also the bite app is awsome why does it expire.

  22. Hana Says:


    I have one it possible to set that when I get a sms from one contact from my phonebook my iPhone rings different than when I get an sms from another contact in phonebok.

    Is it possible to set custom ringtones for different contacts in phonebook?


  23. Sam Ibrahim Says:

    I’m looking for an app to send SMS from iPhone by putting the time u need dis text to sent automaticly? Any tips?

  24. Mark Says:

    hey been tryin to find more how i met your mother tones love the suit up one however was thinkin barney saying leg en dary, that would b cool thanks:)

  25. foxy3ls Says:

    Error 404 link still “not found”

  26. BadBitch Says:

    Hi i have an iphone 4 & i would love to set up a customized sms tone..the original ones are boring ! I just don’t have any idea hot to do so without jailbreaking my phone ! Any help ?

  27. BadBitch Says:

    i have an iphone 4 ( not jailbroken) …does anyone know how i can get customized sms tones ? please help!!!

  28. WhiteGlossy Says:

    Not quite “Custom” text-tones… but a great leap ahead of the 6 lame ones offered now. Check it –

  29. jonathan Says:

    I am trying to get this sound to my iphone as a ringtone!
    please help.. Some russians shipped my car across the country and after dealing with them i thought it was funny to change my ringtone and wallpaper but i really want to change my text message sound.. There are a few sources on how to change it but i cannot figure any of them out.

  30. chaz Says:

    Do some bevis and butthead tones

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