Mar 27

I must admin that your iPhone or iPod Touch may seem a little small to read e-books.
However the app Books does do a pretty good job for reading e-books.
The app is a simple eBook reader and can read html and texts stored in your ~/Media/EBooks folder.

Getting Books? is recommended for use with Project Gutenberg texts,
in conjunction with GutenMark, a fantastic PG markup tool by Ronald Burkey,
which makes pretty HTML out of Gutenberg .txt files, and splits them by chapter using a second tool.

I”ll explain with screenshots..

1) Install the application


2) Lauch the application


3) If you have installed one of the e-books from the repository it will load that one automatically.


4) Let’s check the settings. Press the settings button.


5) There are quite some options here.

Text display) The font, font size, possibility to invert color
Auto-hide) The navigationbar and the bottom toolbar
Toolbar options) Chapter navigation, page navigation, and the possibility to setup left-handed navigation
File import) Text encoding, Smart conversion and render html tables
Tab-scroll speed) Slow, fast or instant
New books) Mark current folder as new, mark al books as new.

6) Now let’s have a look at the reader interface.


7) To activate the inbook controls, tap the screen once.
In this screen you will see how far you are in the book, you can select the next chapter or previous and go page down or up and you can increase or decrease the font.
There’s also an option to change the contrast to dark.


This little app is available in the through the STE packaging source, see our sources page.

Enjoy :)

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