Mar 27

The following just got posted on Engadget.
So i’m not going to take credit for this revelation :)? ?

While it doesn’t exactly come as much of a surprise, it seems that Apple has plenty more goodies in mind for the iPhone (and, presumably, the iPod touch), with a recent batch of no less than six patent applications revealing some of its plans to turn the device into what it describes as a “lifestyle companion.

In this case, that rather vague term refers to what is effectively an upgrade to the Nike+iPod system, with the iPhone’s accelerometer and other built-in capabilities also coming into play in addition to the usual external sensors.
It doesn’t stop with workouts, however, with the patent applications also indicating plans for a diet coach of sorts, which could even make use of the iPhone’s camera to scan bar codes on products.
Those components would also of course all work together, with the system able to suggest workouts based on your diet and physical condition and vice versa.
Of course, these being patent applications, there’s no indication as to when we might actually see such a a system.?

end excerpt.?

Personally i think this might be a very very smart move of Apple, i do own the Nike+iPod system and have enjoyed it very much and i must confess it keeps me motivated to do some sports when i’m not working :)

This new patent seems to be the next step into personal fitness and health.
You will always have your limited extra brain/coach with you, if these patents turn out to be the real thing.

Over and out :)? ? ?

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