Mar 26

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Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney claims to have heard “from sources in Asia” that Apple has placed a 10 million unit order for 3G iPhones, according to an interview by the iPod Observer.
This order for 10 million 3G iPhones would reportedly be above and beyond the original 10 million Apple had planned to sell of the initial version of the iPhone in 2008.

The analyst goes on to speculate that the 3G version could incorporate an OLED display which could improve battery life. Apple’s use of OLED technology has long been rumored but has yet to come true.

This timeframe could be consistent with recent Page 2 rumors that the 3G iPhone would be coming “in a few months.”
Multiple reports have claimed that the 3G iPhone would be released in 2008.
‘3G’ is the next generation mobile data technology that allows for much faster internet access on mobile phones.
The iPhone currently uses EDGE (2.5G) technology.

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