Mar 25

Visual voice-mail is a very nice thing.

It’s a pitty we can’t use it (for now).

However, i already have some people who are asking me what the code is to activate their own voice-mail on the iPhone.

Well this is an very easy thing to accomplish.

1) find out what you’re voice mail number is. eg 1000

2) Click on the phone button in your iPhone

3) Go to your keyboard and type *5005*86*xxxx#

Where the XXXX is your voice-mail number.
4) Tapp the call button

5) Tada, now you can tap the visual-voicemail button and it will call your voicemail directly.

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One Response to “Activate your Voice-mail on your iPhone”

  1. kevin Says:

    Thanks! Works like a charm (Belgian Proximus)

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