Mar 23

The iPhone is a great device, however, it can be improved. Like the vibrate function is really short.

I will explain how you can make it last +- 5 seconds.

Here we go.

First if you’re a windows user, download WinScp from here.

If you’re a mac user, please use Fugu, you can find it here.

I will show you the screens from windows as i no longer have a mac. (for now)

1) Make sure you’re Wi-Fi connection is on.

2) Let’s find out what our ip address is.Go to the settings, then go to Wi-Fi, then select the network where you’re connected, and check the ipaddress.


3) Start Winscp. Fill in your ip address, and as username= root and password=alpine. Normally your iPhone password will always be alpine untill you change it!


4) Browse to the folder /System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/


5) Download the file SystemSoundVibrationPatterns.plist.


5) Locate the downloaded file and browse to thefollowing site. Where you can convert the Plist from binary to XML.

6)Upload the file and press convert. After the conversion the file will be downloaded back to your pc.


7) Open the converted SystemSoundVibrationPatterns.plist with notepad or any text-editor.

8) Change the [real]0.40000000000000002[/real] value to any value you want. In my case it changed it to : 4.40000000000000002


9) Upload your modified file back to your iPhone and voila … your phone will vibrate as long as you have set it.


Happy vibrating with your phone :)

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14 Responses to “Make your iPhone vibrate longer”

  1. josie Says:

    I cant find the celestial thing. And the vibration on my iPhone wont work. You think thats the reason? I got firmware 2.0.2

  2. tristan Says:

    network error: connection timed out?

  3. cb Says:

    thought sum1 might like to know, as of version 2.2 you need to respring the fone to get the transfer to take effect

  4. Kevin Jones Says:

    I have the same problem. I read all these posts about making the vibrate last longer, but the plist file is not where the posts say it is on my phone. I found it, and tried to edit it with all these supposed plist to text editors, and it will not open. I don’t think that it is a matter of the firmware that these files wont open, but I am no programming expert. It is annoying that a company that has made such an excellent product, would hinder its functionality/flexibility in any way.

  5. Chuckles Says:

    2.2.1, It’s now under /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/ and you can edit it on a mac with the plist editor from the developer tools on the Leopard CD. Google it.

  6. Kevin Jones Says:

    Do you have any idea what editor will work with Windows, specifically Vista?

  7. dan Says:

    Hi! can you send me the plist with vibration time modified?

  8. Kevin Jones Says:

    Please do.

  9. Giulz Says:

    Cant do it with the MAC fugu, any chance of explaining how it can be done plz?

  10. danielle Says:

    same. i tried it on a mac and a pc and network error keeps coming up

  11. Eaton Says:

    Ok.. anyway to do this on a Jailbroken 3gs? I hate the milisecond buzz!

  12. HAsan Says:

    USe iFile to edit

    search for it in cydia

  13. Maldrakes Says:

    Do you need to jailbreak the iPhone to do this?

  14. Joel Says:

    look in privateframework instead of just framework, that’s where i found mine on an iphone 4 ios4.2.6 at least.

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