Jun 05

I already brought you the news of the iControlPad. The hardware mod that will transform your iPhone or iPod touch to a full blown portable game station. Today the developers released the first rendered screens of the device and gave some extra answers to everybody’s questions.
» iControlPad render screens- Controller for iPhone games

Jun 05

After Just a couple of days ZodTTD already finetuned his VLC4iPhone so it would play MP3, XviD, Flace, MPEG2, MPEG3, and many more. ZodTTd added volume control and fixed a warning when no media is found. I do not recommend downloading this release over your edge connection (only if it’s unlimited) as the size of the file has grown to over 24MB!

» Vlc4iPhone now supports XviD, Flac and Mpeg4

Jun 04

VLC by is a popular multi-format video and audio player for a wide variety of systems. Within the past few days ZodTTD has successfully ported over VLC to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, according to ZodTTD the app will soon play FLAC, OGG and perhaps VCD, DivX, XVIX, WMA, WMV. The app is still in beta at present, and you can only get if if you are a donating member of ZodTTD.
» VLC for iPhone soon to be released (vlc4iphone)

May 31

I found a update of GpsPhone in my installer today. For the people who haven’t read about gpsPhone before, it’s a very advanced Gameboy advanced emulator from ZodTTD. The emulator has been upgraded to version 2.0.0 and it’s working great! The sound almost works flawless, the fps gameplay is excellent. The save function works well and the cheat functions also appears to be working!
» GpsPhone 2.0.0

May 30

ZodTTD is at it again! This time they build an application called temper4iphone, which ports temper (a TurboGrafx-16 emulator) to the iphone and ipod touch.

The application is currently still in beta. The developer released the beta to a handful of people to review test and comment it. Games like Bonk, Die-Hard, R-Type and many more are playable through the touchscreen with good graphics and controls. We even heard the application is able to reach 50 fps while running in the (slower) landscape mode. » Temper4iphone a Turbografx-16 emulator

May 30

A couple of days ago we brought you the news regarding the soon to be released iControlPad or the PSP-like iphone controller :)
The developer has released a short video where he shows us the communication between the controlpad and the iPhone. The developer also informed us that the final device will be much more sleek and will fitt better.
I can’t wait to get this into my hands for a full featured review :)
For now you can watch this little movie with some debugging details.
» iControlpad update.

May 28

Our favorite emulator creator ZodTTD released version 2.0 of his very popular Super nintendo emulator.

Overall this update brings big improvements to the speed and sound.

There’s not much to say, except that this app is another masterpiece from ZodTTd :)

I will post some update screens, but i advice you to check out my old post if you need to find roms + a more comprehensive how to.
» snes4iphone 2.0

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