Jun 08

The guys from FreeMyiPhone have just released the Cairo ParkingLot pack add on. The Cairo add on brings us another 40 new puzzles to enjoy. The puzzles seem a little bit more difficult compared to the previous packs. To activate them, start the app, tap on packs and select the next pack (Cairo).
» ParkingLot Puzlle pack 1.0 (cairo) – iPhone puzzle game

May 07

ParkingLot has been one of my favorite iPhone/iPod Touch games since it was released.

Today the developers released an update, and it has become quit a big one.

ParkingLot has been graphically been redesigned to look like a real parking lot. Now you have handicap places, parking places. The eye for detail has been seriously improved.
» ParkingLot 1.2 released

Apr 03

Let’s talk about a fun puzzle game.

ParckingLot is one of those games that can keep you busy for hours and hours as there are 40 levels!
The idea is very basic, you have your car (yellow beetle) that is blocked by other cars.

Your mission if you chose to accept it, is to get your car as fast as possible from the parckinglot.

You can accomplish this by moving the other cars.

The first level’s are really easy, but as further you go the more difficult it becomes.

Let’s have a look at the game shall we.
Let me explain via screens.

» ParckingLot 1.0