Jun 25

De website Mac Developer Tips started with a tutorial on how to develop applications for the iPhone. The course is split up in 4 categories (Objective-C, Cocoa, iPhone SDK and Xcode). Each topic is divided in to subchapters as it’s simply not possible to teach users all this information in just 1 article.
» Learn to program for the iPhone.

May 28

We already mentioned that beta6 was released to the enterprise customers. Well today Apple has released the SDK version 6 to everybody.

It appears the the SDK beta 6 can only be installed on Mac Os 10.5.3, that coincidently also got released today.

As for now there aren’t any new features discovered except for the geo-tagging but that’s something we already posted some time ago.

May 07

This morning Apple release Beta 5 version of the iPhone SDK.
According to first reports, there are no new features.
The update probably only brings some bugfixes for the developers.
This iPhone SDK includes a set of tools, compilers, frameworks, and documentation for creating iPhone OS applications.
» Apple iPhone SDK Beta 5 now available (updated with screenshots)