Mar 26

Wired tested tested the new iPad against some Android tablets for heating during use and found the new iPad to be middle of the road.

The result? The third-generation iPad reached just 94 degrees Fahrenheit in its hottest rear chassis location (slightly below, and to the right of, the Apple logo when the tablet is held in portrait mode). Ninety-four degrees is not an uncomfortable temperature in ones hands, and it is also well short of the alarming 116 degrees publicized by Consumer Reports, as well as our own 108 degree reading. Dead Space may not tax the iPad’s internals as much as Infinity Blade 2, but it is still a demanding 3-D game in the tablet space, and will certainly evoke hotter run temperatures than a mail program, YouTube orAngry Birds during continuous use.

» Wired Tested Heat Of New iPad

Nov 12

app_storeThe approval system of Apple has been in the news this year more often then previous years. According to the complaints the system is slow and developers don’t get any insight at all. Many developers had to wait weeks (sometimes even months) before their application was finally approved and showed up in the App Store. To give the developers some insight and a little bit more bearable, Apple made a tracking system which shows the steps to follow before the app gets approved.

» Apple Gives Developers More Insight With Tracking System