Jul 14

The first VoIP application for the iPhone (Truphone) has surfaced onto the Apple App Store. Truphone enables you to make calls on your iPhone over the internet at amazingly low rates. It’s handy for making international calls from your home country and for making calls when you’re for business or holidayin another country. TruPhone itself is free to download in the App Store however per call you make you will need to pay a little fee.
» App Store – TruPhone (first iPhone Voip client)

Jun 21

One of the most welcome applications for the iPhone is a Voip application which would allow us to make calls using WiFi. Well the good news is iCall for the iPhone is coming and it will be available officially from the iTunes App Store.

» iCall for the iPhone, VoIP coming soon officially

Jun 20

Internet Telephony Provider Ring FreeƂ rf.com is another VoIP iPhone-specific PBX service. The service will allow you to make international calls and calls to online providers like Skype using your normal iPhone minutes. So if you have a friend who’s on Skype but has no Skype In access, you can call them just as if they had their own number.
» RingFree – Internet Calling for the iPhone

Jun 06

iCall is another free voip application for the iPhone. It offers you VoiP but only via your wi-fi connection.
The features included ,make and receive calls over WiFi, Transfer inbound calls from your regular cell, minutes to WiFi instantly, Access your same address book, Customize your voicemail options. I haven’t had the chance to test it out. But here’s a video of the app.
» iCall – Free iPhone Voip

Jun 04

Sipgate is another VoIP client for your iPhone much like Fring but then again not quite. The difference between Sipgate is the fact that you can call any number directly from the app without have extra accounts. So to use this app, you won’t need a skype or any other subscription based service. You can use sipgate to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi using any SIP-based VoIP-service. And the best off all is the fact that you receive 111 minutes for free.
» Sipgate – Free native voip iphone client

Apr 27

SkySMS is a new Xwaves open source application that let’s you send sms’es via internet sms providers.
So what’s the advantage ?? Sms sending from the internet is cheap, very cheap or even free.
At the time of writing, the following are provders are supported, Freecall, DFI, VoipBuster, Justvoip, Orange CH, Hispeed, Swisscom Xtra-Zone, Vyke, Low Rate VoIP, VoIP cheap, VoIP discount, VoIP Stunt en Zyke KW.
For ex, if you have a voipbuster account, you are allowed to send 5 free sms each day, each sms after those 5 is sended at a very low price.
You can even create your own provider-scripts. When a provider allows sms’s to be send via HTTP then you can take one of the example scripts (located at: /Applications/SkySMS.app/accounts)

» Send Free SMS via SKYSMS app on your iPhone

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