Jan 17

PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger is the worlds first Water Charger. It is a 2-in-1 solution that is both a fuel cell and a portable battery pack used by people who spend time away from the electricity grid. PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger provides instant power anywhere to electronic equipment for all devices that can be charged via USB. With the PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger you can charge any device that can be charged via an USB port. More information and a video after the break. » Charge Your iPhone Using Water Using The PowerTrekk

Dec 07

iOS 4.2 for the iPad has recently been released and some iPad owners noticed that Apple has lowered the power output of the iPad’s 30-pin connector to a mere 20mA, down from 100mA in iOS 3.2. This means that connected devices such as USB Keyboards, USB Flash drivers and Cameras that require power of more than 20mA will no longer work and will give you the message “The connected USB device requires too much power.”. » iOS 4.2 Reduces Power Output to iPad Camera Connection Kit

Mar 18

145635-tether2_220iPhone developer Steve Troughton managed to activate the tethering preferences while playing with the new iPhone OS. He was also able to actually tether his iPhone 3G to his laptop over USB. Based on the preference panel, it appears that you will be able to tether via USB or Bluetooth.
» USB Tethering working with iPhone 3.0

Apr 24

I already showed you how you can upload and download files to the iPhone via wi-fi connection.
For a recap, click here
Today i have something better, what if you could manage the files via your USB cable??
That would be sweet no ?
Well read on and i’ll show you exactly how….

To get this working, you will need some tools.

» Manage your iPhone files via Usb cable (windows)