Nov 25

Many U.S. and Canadian Apple Retail Stores will be opening early on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. Shoppers interested in going to Apple Stores as early as possible, on the only day of the year that Apple offers sale prices on its merchandise, should check Apple’s Retail Store Locations page. » Apple Retail Stores In U.S. and Canadian Opening Early for Black Friday Sales

Feb 08

Contracts for Apple iPhone are being exclusively designed and includes data grants that only take place on the iPhone other than the complete minutes as well as text that is being offered in the SIM deal. So lets take a look after the break to see what kind of possibilities we have when we purchase our new iPhone. » IPhone Contracts In USA Comparison

Jun 16

MobileMe is going to cost 79€ in Europe versus 99$ in the USA. That the europeans always pay more then the USA is already common knowledge, but that Europe is getting less service for more money .. that is something new! If you take a US subscription the datatraffic allowed is 200GB, European country’s will only have 100GB! Another strange fact is that family members in the US get 5GB datatraffic as European family members only get 2,5GB. What’s happening with Apple?
» MobileME europe – half the storage and datatraffic as the US has