Nov 01

Some customers who pre-ordered the iPad Mini already received their package ahead of Friday’s official launch for the Wi-Fi models. The French site [Google translation] shared some unboxing photos from a customer who pre-ordered a white iPad mini from French reseller Darty. » First Unboxing Photos From Early iPad Mini Delivery [Photos]

Sep 20

The iPhone 5 launch day is this Friday,  but some pre-orders have already been delivered. Some of the lucky view created the very first unboxing videos to tease our eyes. Above you can see a video the from UK gadget site T3, which received an official review unit from Apple. They also posted a number of other videos showing off features of the iPhone 5. After the break you can see another unboxing video which has been posted to the official YouTube account of Vodafone. » First iPhone 5 Unboxing Videos Posted On YouTube

Sep 19

Apple did not officially launch the iPhone 5 yet, but the very first iPhone 5 unboxing photos have already been posted by BGK. There are no details about how “JDazzle” received his iPhone 5 before the official launch date “this Friday at 8:00 a.m. local time”. The photos after the break also includes the new power adapter that supplies more power to the phone when charging, and of course the Lightning to USB cable. » World’s First iPhone 5 Unboxing Photos

Mar 23

The second wave of new iPads has arrived. At 12 o’clock in the evening we were allowed to enter the Apple Premium Reseller here in the Netherlands. There were a little over one hundred people waiting in line, so not very American I guess. But I entered the store as the 21st customer and only 10 minutes later I left the building with my black, Wi-Fi, 32GB, third generation iPad. And will the smart cover work? How about the case, will it fit? Find out in the unboxing video I made, below.

» Unboxing The New iPad (Video)

Mar 12


The iPad 2 has just been released, and the first pictures and videos are filling the web. These pictures are shot by notcot. In these pictures you can see the differents between the first and second gen iPad, and unbocing pictures of the iPad 2. » iPad 2 Unboxing + iPad Smart Cover [pictures]

Jun 23

Its that time of the year again, the new iPhone is arriving and we all know what that means…. thousands of unboxing videos! First Apple was supposed to ship the iPhone 4 on June 24th, a little later Apple send a email telling they will ship the iPhone on June 23rd and now there are already some “lucky” guys that received their iPhone 4 two days early on June 22nd. That means the first unboxing videos. Unfortunately for them they cant use the iPhone yet because Apple’s activation servers aren’t up and running yet. More unboxing videos after the break. » iPhone 4 Arrived! Let The Unboxing Begin!

Jul 10 was so kind to provide me with some pictures which compare the first gen to the second gen iPhone pretty well. The differences are mostly already known but one thing that i did notice is the brightness of the new vs old iPhone.
» iPhone 3G vs iPhone pictures.