Nov 13

In a series of events in a UK court between Apple and Samsung, Apple was ordered to publish a notice acknowledging that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices had not infringed Apple’s iPad design. Now the same court has ruled that Apple must pay all of Samsung’s legal fees because Apple’s behavior in the matter had been inappropriate and showed a “lack of integrity”. » Apple Ordered To Pay All Of Samsung’s Court Costs In UK iPad Design Dispute

Nov 06

Over the last couple of months, a court case in the United Kingdom ordered Apple to post an acknowledgement on its website, newspapers and magazines acknowledging that Samsung did not infringe upon the protected iPad design with its line of Galaxy Tab devices. Apple did publish a statement saying that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was “not as cool” as the iPad and that Apple had won other cases against Samsung, however the court did not appreciate Apple’s additions to the required text and ordered Apple to publish a new statement. » Apple Posts Revised Samsung Apology On UK Website, But Hides It Below The Fold

Aug 10

Because of continuing violence in England, Apple and Apple resellers are forced to close their shops in multiple cities. For the past 3 days London, and other places in the UK are harassed by vandalism by young people. The story goes that they are angry at the police for shooting a 29 years old man, and this is their way of showing it. Unfortunaletly for the Apple fans in the UK, it will be more difficult to get your favorite Apple gadgets. » UK Apple Stores Remove Their Inventory Because Of Violence In England

Sep 29

vodafone-iphoneO2, the iPhone carrier in the UK, no longer has the exclusivity to sell the iPhone in the UK. Yesterday, we reported you about another carrier that’s going to sell the iPhone in the UK; Orange. Today, Vodafone joined the club as well. Both carriers started negotiating with Apple almost a year ago. » Vodafone UK Also Going To Sell iPhone

Sep 28

3gsorangeSo, the UK is going to have another carrier to deliver the iPhone. Their current iPhone carrier is O2, but later this year Orange will join the club. There are already a couple of countries who have more than one carrier for the iPhone, like Italy and Czechia. Maybe this can change some things elsewhere in the world. Maybe Verizon can join the club in the US.

» Apple Agreed: iPhone 3GS and 3G Coming To Orange UK

Sep 16

Apple has started offering theĂ‚ Back to School promo for U.K. customers. The new promotionĂ‚ started today, just as the U.S. promotion ended. » Apple Back to School promo for U.K. customers

Jun 10

O2 released an official statement today. They will offer a Pay as you go iPhone and will have some other tariff plans. The coolest news regarding this press statement is off course the no contract version! Read more to see the details. » 02 confirms Pay-as-you-go iPhone 3G and other tariff plans!

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