May 20

twitter-iphoneA lot of you know the twitter application “Tweetie”, but you may have noticed that it isn’t available in the App Store anymore. This is because Tweetie has been replaced by the official Twitter application. If you already installed Tweetie you can check your updates in the App Store to find Twitter “3.0”. There are also some new improvements/changes in Twitter 3.0, first of all you will notice the new icon and you can use the app even if you don’t own a twitter account.

You can also create a new Twitter account via the Twitter App. Get Twitter for free from the appstore

May 14

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Mar 12

twittelatorproIn an extraordinary feat of engineering Stone Design today shipped a major revision to its top-selling Twitter client Twittelator Pro Version 2.0. With an emphasis on usability, speed, elegance and user customization, this release was redesigned from ground up for ease of use, aesthetics and stability. Free upgrade for current users.
» App Store – Twittelator Pro v2

Feb 17

wideemailTweeting just got faster and easier with version 3.0 of Wide Email, an update announced by LizzardWerks to the popular landscape email program for the iPhone. Wide Email lets users hold their iPhone sideways to type emails on the wider, landscape-mode keyboard, and makes typing much quicker using custom typing shortcuts – similar to AutoType on the BlackBerry, AutoText in Microsoft Word, and typing macros in various desktop programs. And now in version 3.0, users can also use Wide Email to post messages to their Twitter account.
» App Store – Wide Email (Twitter Integration)

Oct 11

Stone Design has released another update of Twittelator Pro, a feature packed native iPhone Twitter client. With many expert features including multiple accounts, Trending Topics, and Nearby Search for Tweeters, Twittelator Pro is the culmination of the expanding Twittelator customer base’s wishes, desires and bug fixes.
» App Store – Twittelator Pro 1.3.1

Sep 06

The Iconfactory and its chief typist, Craig Hockenberry, have been hard at work on Twitterrific 1.1, a substantial update to their mobile Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod touch. Today they released the update and it features much smoother scrolling, larger tweet capacity, the ability to save pictures to the camera roll before uploading them to TwitPic, and secure HTTPS server communication.
» App Store – Iconfactory releases Twitterrific

Jul 03

Shozu is a upcoming free iPhone appstore application that promises to make your world mobile. It allows you to interact with almost any popular social network out there. Shozu will allow you to post photos & videos, update your profile status, read and reply to comments and download your friends photos and feeds on nearly all your favorite social networks. The application is already available to several other mobile platforms but the iPhone version is almost ready to be offered in the AppStore.
» AppStore – Shozu share your iPhone videos and pictures on social networks

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