Apr 11

App Store developer Adam Bell released a new and unique tweak for jailbroken iPhones, called “Stride”. With Stride unlocking your iOS Device just got a whole lot cooler. Never again do you need to worry about entering some lengthy password, or are limited to 9 points on a grid. Simply draw your password. That’s it. » Stride: Fully Customizable Gesture Unlock System For Jailbroken iPhones [jailbreak]

Apr 04

A new tweak has been released in Cydia, Aero. Aero is a new iOS app switcher for iOS, it comes with 6 animation styles ( Linear, CoverFlow, Cylinder, Rotary, Wheel and Time Machine ) and it is available for $1.99 in Cydia Store via the modmyi repo. Check a video of the Aero tweak after the break. » Aero: New iOS App Switcher Tweak [jailbreak]

Mar 29

The SwitcherLand tweak that has recently landed on the Cydia store, is introducing support for the alternative landscape orientation when the switcher tray has been invoked by the user. After installation, SwitcherLand extends the abilities of the switcher tray to support the alternative orientation but still stays true to the original functionality and contains the familiar media controls, Music app access and even a orientation lock option that allows the user to lock the device into landscape orientation. » SwitcherLand: Multitasking Switcher In Landscape Mode [jailbreak]

Dec 29

SiriPrefs is a new tweak that basically integrates a SBSettings-like functionality in Siri. SiriPrefs will allow you to launch applications, settings categories, etc using Siri. By using Bing as a navigation tool, you can open up any app or any of the preferences in Settings.app. Check out after the break to see SiriPrefs in action. » SiriPrefs: Use Siri To Control Your iPhone Apps & Settings

Jul 01

Aaron Ash (@aaronash) gives us a small look into the tweak he is developing called Polyonix. The tweak itself is in its early stages but has a ton of potential. Having talked with Aaron directly, he has many more upcoming implementations. From the picture above, one can notice a few of the features he mentions in his blog post:

  • The edit mode in the bottom right will allow you to re-arrange windows on the screen and even rotate the windows (portrait / landscape)
  • The Close Polyonix button is assumably for closing the overlay with the windows

» Jailbreak Tweak “Polyonix” Allows Multiple iPhone Apps Running On The iPad

May 30

UnFolder is a useful tweak for those of you who like to arrange and rearrange your Springboard folders. This tweak allows you to delete folders without having to take every single app out of them. Normally you would have to drag every app that you’ve put in there to your Springboard, the folder would close, you would have to reopen it, and start the whole process over. With UnFolder you can simply delete the folder, as you would with any application, and your apps will scatter, automatically, to your Springboard. UnFolder can be found for free in the Cydia Store.

Feb 20

There is a new tweak in the Cydia Store called, Switcher Rotator. Switcher Rotator allows your multitasking switcher bar to appear in either portrait or landscape mode. It also enabling you to lock your device orientation into landscape mode. Switcher Rotator works with many popular app switcher tweaks such as SwitcherMod, SwitcherPlus, SBSwitcher, and more. » Switcher Rotator: Enable Your Multitasking Bar To Appear In Landscape Mode [jailbreak]

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