Sep 25

It’s starting to become routine that some developers are offering their applications for a lower price or even for free for a defined period. Today we have a new list of cheaper and free apps from the App Store. Click on to see the list.
» App Store – Deals (updated)

Sep 24

Steve Demeter who some of you may remember as the guy who offered a demo of his Trism game first in the jailbreak community, made about $250,000 since he started selling his Trism game (priced at a 4,99$) 2 months ago. That’s a net earning after Apple has taken its 30% cut of total sales, and after subtracting his initial investment of about $5,000.
» iPhone Developer Made $250K From App Store In Two Months

Jun 04

Some time ago i posted the news of the Trism demo game in the installer. Trism is going to be one of the first puzzle games that will be released on to the appstore. In this video the developer explains his motivations for releasing the game and what features will be available when he releases it. He is also discussing the price of his game and why he’s charging that much/little.
» Trism a appstore puzzle game (the developers view on Trism video)

Apr 23

Demiforce was one of the first guys who publicly stated that he was going to release a game in the iTunes app store.
About a month ago he posted a video on youtube demoing his game.

Today he released a first demo version onto installer.

Let’s have a look.

This was the original youtube video he released some time ago.
» TrismDEMO 0.3.19 available to download