Sep 22

Do you remember the classic dollar-bill-on-a-string trick? Times has changed and these days they use brand new iPhones to prank people. The guys from in Holland decided to stick an iPhone 5 to the pavement in one of Amsterdam’s busiest squares and watch what happens. Take a look at the hilarious video after the break to see how people act when they try to pick up this “new iPhone 5”. » iPhone 5 Super-Glued On Busy Street In Amsterdam

Dec 04

How do you make a playing card magically appear out of your iPhone? Watch Brians buddy and fellow magician, Daniel Garcia teach Mark Watson aka SoldierKnowsBest this badass trick after the break. » The Amazing iCard: Card Tricks With Your iPhone

Aug 17

NewsImage213Over the past few days, Chris Kenner has been in touch with Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Apple – regarding his Rising Card app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
» Theory11 Rising Card Trick For iPhone

May 21

O my god, i just broke my iphone’s screen!! Uh,not, just put myself laughing.

But you can also bite your friends. On this site you can find a few links to really make a few tweaks on your iPhone, but really they are not.

It is made for your colleagues or friends their iPhone to look like broken pieces and give them the fright to hunt.