Oct 27

With iLocalis you can control your iPhone and manage it from your computer connected to internet. You can also view where your friends are, send messages between you and your friends, be notified if one of your friends is near you and so. If your iPhone has been stolen you can track it down with the track feature or even make a remote call or SMS to see the new number if the SIM has been changed.
» Cydia – iLocalis

May 28

I found a new program in development during my daily internet searches.
It’s called XGps, and the website reveals the app as a Open GPS hardware and software solution for iPhone and iPod touch.
For the moment there’s only 1 screenshot and some very little information on the webiste.
I will keep watching this and will report back to you when there’s more information.

One thing that bothers me though is the fact that the latest update is from late april.. only one month ago..
» Xgps will bring GPS to our iPhone and iPod touch?