Dec 01

I know some of you think its really a waste of money, but some of you where waiting for it since the first rumor of this toy. One month ago I told you that the Angry Birds Plushies Are Coming Soon, now I am here to inform you that Rovio just opened the doors to their online store and releasing a line of plushies this holiday season. You can order these plush toys for $14.99 each, but the bad news it that they will be shipped in January. So be patience please.

Oct 23

Rovio, the developer of the popular iPhone game Angry Birds “which has already been sold more than 6.5 million times” would like to earn some extra cash by selling Angry Birds toys. And the first Angry Birds toys can be yours this holiday season, Rovio will release a line of plushies! After the break you can see some shots of the brightly colored plush birds. » Angry Birds Plushies Coming Soon

Sep 25

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games for the iDevice in the App Store for quit some time now and the developer Rovio had plans to make “Angry Birds” more than just a game. Well it looks like he already started with his plan by creating Angry Birds Plush Toys. In the picture above and after the break you can see some prototype plush birds spotted on the streets of Manhattan. » Angry Birds Plush Toys Coming Soon?

Oct 02

Jerk in a Box is 99$cents application from the App Store with little phrases and saying that you probably want to tell your boss, but would never say it. It’s crude, immature, and bane but yet funny and probably a good anger management tool if you go back to your office, shut the door, and start pressing some buttons to vent that anger.
» Jerk in a Box: Say What You Really Want