Nov 14

iHelicopters, the makers of iPhone-controlled vehicles such as the iHelicopters, RC cars and the rocket-launching Cobra copter have created a new iPhone-controlled vehicle called iUFO. This “unidentified flying object” is controlled by you iPhone or iPad using a free app that talks to the unit via┬áthe transmitter which plugs in the headphone jack. » iHelicopters Released New iPhone-Controlled Toy Called The iUFO

Jul 31

We talked about the Parrot A.R.Drone a view times already here and here. Its a quadricopter with two build in cameras that you can control with your iDevice. There where rumors that the Parrot A.R.Drone will cost around $500, but today they announced the real price and its ready for pre-order. You can pre-order your device for $299.99 and will ship in September. The Drone can be used for augmented reality video game play like multi-player dogfights or just solo flights. » Parrot A.R.Drone Available For Pre-Order

Aug 05

Koi pond, right now is one of the top paid apps in the App Store. It simulates a.. well a Koi fish pond. Read on for screenshots and details.

» App Store: Koi Pond review

Jun 17

tt-clock is a new application that displays a big digital clock on your screen. the TT stands for Tap & talk. The fun part about this app is that it tries to say the time when you tap on the screen. It’s not always correct, but it’s approximatly correct :)
» tt-clock 1.0 – A speaking clock for your iPhone

Jun 17

Kaleidsocope 1.0 is a new iPhone toy. When you tilt or move the phone the accelerometer will make the kaleidoscope change it’s colors.
» Kaleidoscope 1.0 – iPhone Kaleidoscope simulator

Jun 17

CatchPhrase is A fun way to keep track of things you hear through the day on your iPhone or iPod Touch. CatchPhrase is actually some sort of a mood tracker. The app has 4 lower menu buttons. The first one are the phrases. In this tab you have popular, recent, alpha and manual. To add a new phrase press the new button on top. Pressing the + sign next to a phrase will add it to the caught phrases.
» CatchPhrase 1.0 – A iPhone mood tracker

Jun 14

Paysage-off is a new tool that will disable the accelerometer when using safari. Basically this means that when you enable paysage-off and you turn your iPhone or iPod touch, the screen will remain in portrait mode. This might be handy when you browse webpages and you are in bed.
» Paysage-off – A iPhone safari accelerometer enabler/disabler

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