Dec 04

Jeff Han impressed everyone with his multi-touch display more than a year before the iPhone debuted and now he is showing a 82-inch touchscreen in the movie above and 27-inch touchscreen in the movie after the break. Since Apple has been playing around with the idea of a multi-touch iMac for quite awhile, can this give a good impression of what we can expect? » Jeff Han Demos 82-inch & 27-inch Multi-Touch Display

Sep 03

ipod nano touch
We already showed you what’s new in the iPod Touch 4, but what about the iPod Nano? The first thing that probably comes into your mind is, “it looks like a mini iPod Touch”. This is because Apple replaced the click-wheel with a small 1.54-inch multi-touch screen and changed the design of the Nano by making it 45% smaller and 46% lighter. Its now only has a size of 37.5 mm by 40.9 mm by 8.78 mm and weights just 21.1 grams. » New iPod Nano, Small iPod Touch?

Jul 09

apple small touchscreen
There has been a little touchscreen spotted in Taiwan that is actually a part made by Apple. Pictures of this 1.18″ square, 3cm x 3cm touchscreen are posted on a Taiwanese website called Apple.proEnglish”. Its not the question if this website can be trusted “because they already proved themselves by showing a legit white iPhone case and a unibody Macbook Pro case before they were released.” So the question is why does Apple need a 3x3cm touchscreen. Is it for a new iPod, some kind of mouse pad or remote? What do you think? » Tiny Apple Touch Screen Spotted! But Where Is It For?