Jul 12

Today Andreas Illiger “The Developer of  Tiny Wings” released a big update to the game, called Tiny Wings 2. Additionally, the HD version is now available for iPad. Andreas Illiger: “Hi Tiny Wings fans! The long-awaited Tiny Wings 2 is finally done! I’ve put a lot of love into creating this major update, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. You’ll be getting a completely new game mode with 15 hand-designed levels, a whole flock of baby birds, fish, and other surprises! And here’s the best part: Tiny Wings 2 is a free update, as a thank-you to my loyal fans (and because I don’t particularly like in-app purchases). Thanks, and have fun!» Tiny Wings 2/HD Is Now Available In The App Store

Jul 08

The sequel to the wildly popular iOS game Tiny Wings is arriving July 12, and the creators have put together an interesting trailer. If you still dont know what Tiny Wings is, you can download it for $0,99 in the App Store here.