Aug 26

The Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo posted a  photo of what appears to be dozens of iPhone 5C devices being put through a testing process. Engadget discovered, according to the original poster’s Sina Weibo profile, that the shot was taken at a Pegatron plant in Shanghai, China and that she apparently joined Pegatron’s quality control department in mid-July. » Photo Shows Dozens of iPhone 5C Devices Being Tested at iPhone Manufacturer Pegatron

Sep 30

As always with a new iPhone launch, there are always a view people that will try everything to destroy it. Android Authority created an iPhone 5 torture test which includes  spilled coffee and being fully submerged in water. It is interesting to see that the iPhone 5 did ok in the first test, however in the second test it didn’t. In the second test, from Wicked Lasers they shoot 6 watts of lasers at the iPhone 5 screen. It looks really cool, but the iPhone 5 does not like it. Check it out after the break. » Water and Lasers In iPhone 5 Torture Tests [videos]

Mar 26

Wired tested tested the new iPad against some Android tablets for heating during use and found the new iPad to be middle of the road.

The result? The third-generation iPad reached just 94 degrees Fahrenheit in its hottest rear chassis location (slightly below, and to the right of, the Apple logo when the tablet is held in portrait mode). Ninety-four degrees is not an uncomfortable temperature in ones hands, and it is also well short of the alarming 116 degrees publicized by Consumer Reports, as well as our own 108 degree reading. Dead Space may not tax the iPad’s internals as much as Infinity Blade 2, but it is still a demanding 3-D game in the tablet space, and will certainly evoke hotter run temperatures than a mail program, YouTube orAngry Birds during continuous use.

» Wired Tested Heat Of New iPad

Oct 30


In just a few days the Motorola Droid will hit the market. Verizon has been marketing the phone for a few weeks now and launched several ads attacking the iPhone. The Droid is supposed to be the iPhone killer. But we’ve heard that before. So Engadget made a video showing the browser speeds of both phones.

» iPhone And Droid Browser Speed Tested

Jul 25

Apple has released a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 to developers. Along with the 2.1 firmware, a new version of the iPhone SDK has been seeded as well, but the new SDK can’t be used for submitting applications to the App Store at the moment.
» iPhone 2.1 firmware beta in tess, new GPS features!

Apr 03

Good news, some insiders supplied me with iPhone/iPod Touch Firmware version 2.0

I’ll try to make a review of all features by the end of the weekend.

For extra information, just ping me and i’ll try to answer you asap.

Till later :)