Nov 02

iFixit did a new iPad teardown, this time of the new iPad Air. This is the first major redesign of the iPad we’ve seen since the iPad 2 back in 2011. What will the iPad Air score on our repairability scale? Check out the video after the break. » iFixit iPad Air Teardown

Sep 21

iFixit got their hands on an iPhone 5 from Australia and started to teardown the iPhone 5 to see what’s inside. Some big changes in Apple’s latest iPhone are the 4-inch 1136×640 pixel (326 ppi) Retina display, the Apple A6 system on a chip (SoC), the 8 megapixel iSight camera, the new 8-pin Lightning connector, 4G LTE connectivity and of course iOS 6. The first thing they noticed during the teardown is that it will be a lot easier replacing the iPhone 5 screen than previous iPhone’s, “Because the iPhone 5 is opened front-to-back, replacing a cracked screen is going to be easier than ever. Compare this to the iPhone 4s, where it took 38 steps to isolate the display assembly.” » iPhone 5 Teardown [iFixit]

Oct 15

Are you a tech freak and would you like to check out the inside of your new iPhone 4S? You better check out the above movie created by ifixyouri where they show you a complete teardown of the iPhone 4S and help you do the same. The music in this video is one of a kind and can be a little bit annoying.

Mar 12

After months of hot and heavy of rumors, the iPad 2 has arrived, and we didn’t waste any time tearing it down. This video gives an overview of iFixit’s iPad 2 teardown, and highlights a couple of special differences (a 1 ghz, dual core A5 processor, for example!). » iFixit: iPad 2 Teardown

Jun 24

iPhone 4 teardown
There are still some question marks about the iPhone 4 like, how much RAM does the iPhone 4 has and does it really have a Corning Gorilla screen? “because the iPhone 4 owned by engadget already has some scratches on the back.” Well iFixit took the iPhone 4 to the lab and opened the device to get some answers to these questions. » Does The iPhone 4 Really Got 512MB RAM And Corning Gorilla Glass?