Dec 20

Tapulous released a new game today, Tap Tap Revenge 4. It is a popular iPhone music game that lets you Tap and shake along to your favorite songs from Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz, Rihanna, and more. With over 100 free tracks, Tap Tap Revenge 4 is the most addictive & adrenaline-filled game on the App Store. A cool movie of Tap Tap Revenge 4 and the download link can be found after the break. » Tap Tap Revenge For iPhone In The App Store Now

Oct 07


Tap Tap Revenge is a popular music game and the third version just entered the App Store. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s simple: you must tap on the beat of the music. Colored balls give you hints when to tap the screen.

» Tap Tap Revenge 3: Now In The App Store

Mar 03

tap-tap-revenge-2We already posted some news regarding the new Tap tap revenge 2 app and today i’m happy to announce that it has been released in the app store. Tap Tap Revenge 2 features more than 150 free downloadable tracks and the developer will continue to add tracks every week. Hit the break for more information:
» App Store – Tap Tap Revenge 2 released

Mar 01

taptaprevenge2Tapolous, the developers behind Tap Tap Revenge, Tap Tap Dance, Twinkle and Friendbook have announced their Tap Tap revenge sequel called Tap Tap Revenge 2. Tap Tap Revenge 2 has some very cool new features. See the Video after the break.
» App Store – Tap Tap revenge 2 preview

Feb 12

taptaprevengeFor all of us who like to play Guitar Hero and other rhythm games Tap Tap Revenge is the way to play on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Tapulous the company behind Tap Tap revenge has announced a sequal game called Tap Tap Revenge 2. Not much information is available just yet, but i have the vid for you after the break.
» App Store – Tap Tap Revenge 2 coming soon!

Jul 09

Tapulous has released 2 updated videos for their upcoming App Store applications Friend Book (a business cards management application) and our favorite Tap Tap Revenge game. It seems that the tap tap revenge interface has been completely been rewritten. There’s still no release date available for either of the 2 applications.
» FriendBook + Updated Tap Tap Revolution videos

Jul 07

Tapulous is readying 3 applications that they will release in the AppStore. 2 of them are old friends reworked just a little bit. Twinkle (the geolocation based twitter client) and Tap Tap Revenge. A new application not released to the public yes is called Friend BOOK.
» App Store – Tapulous releasing (tap tap revenge, twinkle and friend book)