May 13

According to a unconfirmed source on the forums of Swisscom.

The iphone 3G will be released in 3 Colors (White, Black and silver) and will only be available on the 32GB model.

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Apr 27

SkySMS is a new Xwaves open source application that let’s you send sms’es via internet sms providers.
So what’s the advantage ?? Sms sending from the internet is cheap, very cheap or even free.
At the time of writing, the following are provders are supported, Freecall, DFI, VoipBuster, Justvoip, Orange CH, Hispeed, Swisscom Xtra-Zone, Vyke, Low Rate VoIP, VoIP cheap, VoIP discount, VoIP Stunt en Zyke KW.
For ex, if you have a voipbuster account, you are allowed to send 5 free sms each day, each sms after those 5 is sended at a very low price.
You can even create your own provider-scripts. When a provider allows sms’s to be send via HTTP then you can take one of the example scripts (located at: /Applications/

» Send Free SMS via SKYSMS app on your iPhone