Aug 02

Winterboard is an application that is trying to fill in the gap of a missing summerboard in 2.0 untill it returns. for screenshots and little how to guide read on. » Winterboard- a temporary SummerBoard replacement (update)

Jul 31

As we all well know Customize has been released in Cydia. SummerBoard, however, has yet to be released and this is what allows you to put images and video on the iphones springboard background through customize. Click the link to read on and learn how to use the theme browser. » Cydia- Customize

Jun 08

MMiThemer got updated. The new version fixes some compatibility issues with firmware 1.1.4. I’ve tried the new version and the downloaded themes now show in both Summerboard and Customize. Please check my full review for more information.
» MMiThemer 0.21beta – Theme switcher for your iPhone

Jun 08

MMiThemer is a very handy app from the guys of MMiThemer let’s you download and install hundreds of summerboard themes directly from within the application. The app works much like Customize, you can browse and preview the themes before actually installing them.
» MMiThemer – Theme switcher for your iPhone