Jul 06

Yes we all knew something like this was coming, it’s a $20,000 white iPhone 4 Diamond Edition. Thanks to Stuart Hughes you can purchase a 32Gb unlocked white iPhone covered with diamonds. Source: [Engadget]

Mar 02

Crimson Gold SupremeHow much do you love your iPhone? Are you willing to spend $99.500 to protect your iPhone. Well if you have the money you can buy a Crimson Gold Supreme Edition iPhone case. This case designed by Davide De Nizza and Stuart Hughes, is covert with gold and diamantes.

» Crimson Gold Supreme: Most Expensive iPhone Case Ever

Nov 28

It is 22 carat gold, has 190 diamonds, and costs a cool $3.2 million dollars. What is it? It is the most expensive iPhone case ever. Designer Stuart Hughes has done it again. » Golden, Diamond, $3.2 Million iPhone Accessory

Sep 14

Stuart Hughes has pimped many phones and other gadgets and has given them a very expensive jacket. And now the British guy gave the iPhone 3GS a new look as well. A 17.000 euro look to be precise.

» iPhone 3GS For 14,995 Dollar