Mar 07

Apple has already posted a video from todays special event, where Apple announced The new iPad, New Apple TV, iOS 5.1 and iPhoto. » Video Stream of Todays Apple Event: The new iPad, New Apple TV & More

May 08

OrbLive is a new app released on the installer.
It let’s you stream all your music, video’s, pictures and live TV from anywhere in the world.
How does it work?
You need to install the server application on to your desktop (the one where all your media files are located), and you need the client app on your iPhone.
» Stream your music, video’s and more with Orblive

Mar 23

We all know it’s possible to watch the youtube video’s on your ipod via wi-fi or your edge connection.

But what little of us also know is that it’s perfectly possible to watch full google video documentaries and other movies on your iPod/Phone.

I will explain this procedure with screenshots.

» Watching Google Video on your iPhone/iPod Touch