Dec 30

Barricade signage for a new Apple Store in Brisbane, Australia has started appearing. The store will be located in the MacArthur Chambers building. The store doesn’t have an official opening date yet, but signage usually appears 10-14 days ahead of a grand opening. The store would most likely open in the first half on Januari. » New Apple Store Opening Soon In Brisbane

Sep 14

Just an hour after pre-orders for the iPhone 5 shipping estimates for new pre-orders have already changed to two weeks in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, and Australia. This means that when you pre-order now you will not receive your iPhone 5 until nearly two weeks after the official launch date of September 21. » Apple’s iPhone 5 Pre-order Shipping To Two Weeks

Nov 02

Squawk! Angry Birds, the best selling mobile game in the world, has achieved amazing things. Angry Birds Fans around the world have so far played a total of 200,000 years of Angry Birds, with 300 million minutes of playing time daily. Moreover, more than 266 billion levels of Angry Birds have been played, with 400 billion birds launched into action, and over 44 billion Stars collected in the process. This makes Angry Birds the best-selling mobile game in the world and one of the most downloaded titles in the history of gaming. » Massive Milestone: Angry Birds Downloaded Half A Billion Times

Oct 13

Alert Tones iTunes
Apple created a new section in iTunes where you can purchase Ringtones and Alert or text message tones, such as sound effects from famous movies including Star Wars and Jaws. “The iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch now includes the Tone Store — an incredible spectrum of music ringtones and alert tones that can be assigned to any alert setting on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.” » Apple Has Launches Store for Text Message/Alert Tones

Sep 25

Above you can see a video of the Development Bob Bridger who speaks about the new Hong Kong Apple Store.Yesterday Apples flagship Store in Hong Kong has been opened in the IFC Center, which is a big deal in Hong Kong since people lined up for days. The new store is huge and got some beautifull architecture, which you can see after the break aswell as a video of the Countdown Opening. » Grand-opening Of New Hong Kong Apple Store At IFC Center [videos & pictures]

Aug 10

Apple is about to open its first Apple Store in Alaska this Saturday. It will be located on 320 West 5th Avenue in the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage, and will open at 10 A.M. Apple will also open four other stores worldwide this Saturday. With these new Apple Stores opening this weekend, there are still seven states that do not have an Apple Store yet (Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming)  according to this map. After the break you can see where the other Apple Stores will be opened. » Apple Will Open First Apple Store In Alaska, Four Other Stores Worldwide!

Aug 30

New day new app in Cydia. Auto3G is a little tweak that makes it possible to double the lifetime of your iPhone battery, at least that’s what the developer of the tweak “Aaron Siri” claims. This small tweak automatically disables the 3G-connection when you lock your iPhone “it will stay connected with the 2G-connection”. When you unlock your device it will automatically reconnect with the 3G-connection. » Double Your Battery Life Thanks To Auto3G [jailbreak]

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