Oct 27

LockDockBar is a mod available in Cydia. What it does is puts a dock just above the main slide on the lockscreen and it has four icons in the dock. The four icons are: Phone, Mail, SMS and Calendar. All you do is tap one and it opens that app. Screenshots inside.

» Cydia – LockDockBar

Jun 26

The latest beta of Firmware2.0 will allow us to safely remove all settings and personal data. Apple has listened to it’s users and especially to Jonathan Zdziarski who created a special iPhone Forensics Toolkit that allowed for retrieval of personal data on the iPhone.
» Firmware 2.0 – Safe erasing

Jun 23

Ladybug is a little graphical mod that will change your txt bubbles. It will add little ladybugs on the top and the bottom of each and every txt bubble.
» Ladybug – A iPhone sms ballon modifier

Jun 12

Clear SMS is a new app that will let you delete all of you SMS messages with the press of 1 button. I personally think this app is a little dangerous. The reason for this is when you press the Icon of Clear SMS, it doesn’t give you a warning, it just deletes all of your sms!
» Clear SMS 0.2 – Delete all your iPhone sms by 1 touch

May 28

And yes we have another update of Instelliscreen!
It’s on version 0.93 RC5 (i guess we’ll be seeing the final release pretty soon!)
I will show you the full changelog and some pictures.

Version 0.93 Enhancements:
Taskbar icons for missed phone calls, unread email, unread sms
Alerts for missed calls/missed SMS/unread email
Alert types including Vibration, Sound, and Flash
Quiet Time for Alerts
» Intelliscreen 0.93 RC5

May 23

Some of you might have read the article from Jonathan Zdziarski where he states that all your personal data is still on the iPhone after you have restored to a new firmware.

For the people who haven’t read it i’ll quickly explain.
When you restore your iPhone through iTunes, all it does is a quick format.

This means that all your data is still on the iPhone although no longer in the partition table.
If you use Jonathan’s iPhone Forensics Toolkit, it’s not that hard to get all the data back in the open.
This means that all your pictures, e-mails, cookies, etc,etc are visible to the next person who is going to own your iPhone !
» Securely wipe your iPhone the guide !

May 20

Intelliscreen received a update to version 0.84.
there’s only Only 1 new feature.

– You can now use the google mobile news reader when you launch news !
» Instelliscreen 0.84

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