Mar 18

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy was released on Friday, March 16. The game is very cool and intuitive and easy to control. There’s a lot of levels to play and even multiplayer online. Below is a gameplay video of the game to show you a little bit more of the graphics of the game. You’ll also see some of the weapons, flares, tracking system and a lot of action high in the sky. » Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy gameplay video

Mar 16

Remember the keynote on March 7? You probably do. Then you will also remember there were two demos of two games. One is the new part in the Infinity Blade universe: Infinity Blade Dungeons. The other is called Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. The latter has just been released in the App Store. Grab your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and press the buy button to start downloading this impressive game.

Video and full synopsis after the break.

» Keynote featured Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy now in the App Store