Aug 19

In a report on the increasing hype surrounding tablet computers focused on Apple’s much-anticipated tablet offerings, BusinessWeek cites market researcher Richard Doherty, who claims that Apple has developed two protoype tablet computers: one essentially an oversized iPod touch carrying a 6-inch screen and a second one with a larger screen.

» Two Apple Tablets Coming, Analyst Says!

Sep 07

Arstechnica is now reporting that Apple may release more than just a new iPod nano, despite their earlier beliefs. Most of what they say is coming also agrees with what we have heard from Kevin Rose. » Apple to release more than just a new iPod on September 9th?

Aug 13

Best Buy received the green light to start selling the iPhone 3G in all of their branch stores. The official announcment will probably be today. Best Buy will be the first 3rd party U.S. retailer that will be selling the iPhone 3G. From 7 september you will be able to walk in any of the 970 Best Buy store’s and walk out with a new iPhone 3G.
» iPhone 3G – Best Buy to offer iPhone 3G from september

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