Jan 22

ComputerWorld has just announced that Jobs’ house burglar gets seven-year sentence for stealing $60,000 worth of Apple products and other items from the home of Steve Jobs’ family last July.┬áKariem McFarlin stole iMacs, iPads, iPods, iTV and more from the home of the late Apple CEO and has been sentenced to seven years in prison. » Burglar Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison For Stealing From Jobs Family’s Home

Jun 15

The Wall Street Journal reported that a Chinese court sentenced three people to prison terms for collaborating to steal information from a key supplier regarding Apple Inc.’s iPad 2 several months before its release, the latest outcome from leaks about products made by the technology giant. The three people were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 12 to 18 months and are subject to fines ranging from approximately $4,500 to $23,000. » Three People Sent To Prison In China Over iPad 2 Leaks