May 28

2 companies are announcing iPhone and iPod touch native games.

Popular games, Tic-Tac-Touch, 4InARow touch, to go from web apps to iPhone apps. FlipSide5, Inc., makers of the popular web editions of Tic-Tac-Touch and 4InARow touch are now launching versions to download and install, allowing players to own these games on their iPhone and iPod Touch. Both these products, Tic-Tac-Touch and 4InARow touch, are designed to be amazingly “simple, fun and wow”, refreshing these ageless classics for today’s generation.
» Flipside5 and Namco releasing SDK games.

Apr 24

Apple released a 4th update to it’s iPhone SDK.
Some of the changes are:
-The Simulator now supports OPENGL ES, nice for all 3d rendering (games and such)
-New firmware version 5A258f (no news of new features yet)
-Code signing enforced. All developed apps require to be signed to be able to run on the iPhone.
» Beta Firmware 5A258f + 4th version of the SDK released

Apr 08

This news just got in.

Apple seeded a new version of the iPhone SDK today, and yes like they predicted.. They locked the iPhones with the beta firmware v 5A225c.

One little side-note, apple has created a PSOD (pink screen of death) with the message This device is expired. Please install a newer version of the OS” (sound like a BSOD huh ;) )

Some developers have informed us, that you can still downgrade your iPhone to official firmwares to get it up and running again.
» Apple locks developers out of their iPhone with Firmware 2.0

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